Purpose & history

The Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum was established in 1985 to collect artifacts related to veterinary medicine in Minnesota and educate Minnesotans about the heritage of the Minnesota veterinary profession and to recognize the people responsible for its progress. The museum has extensive collections of photographs, manuscripts, press clippings, books, and instruments. 

Museum Origins

Old anatomy building
In 1901, the University of Minnesota constructed its first veterinary building for $25,000.
The building, shown above on the right, was renamed Old Anatomy in 1947.

In August, 1985 the president of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Walter Mackey, contacted the Chairman of the MVMA’s Memorial and Historical Committee, Dr. John Arnold, about preserving the history of veterinary medicine in Minnesota.  In September, Dr. Arnold and his committee initiated discussions with the MVMA, the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine, the Minnesota Veterinary Council, and the Minnesota Veterinary Alumni and Friends Society about a plan to collect and exhibit veterinary historical artifacts. From December 1985 to February 1986, several organizational meetings were held and Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for a museum organization were developed and adopted.  In 1987 the Internal Revenue Service registered the Museum as an IRS tax-exempt organization.

A more detailed essay on the beginnings of the museum was written by Prof. Carl Osborne in 2008 and can be read below:

Birth of Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum
by C. A. Osborne, Museum President
October 2008

Museum Founders