Dr. Sorensen's Reflections on the History of the CVM

Dr. Dale Sorensen spent his career as a faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicine. In retirement, he devoted every Wednesday at the offices of the Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum and many countless hours from his retirement home writing his historical recollections of every department within the college. He had assistance from many individuals within the college, gathering and sequencing the dates of important events and careers. His companion and cheerleader every week was MVHM President Dr. Peter Poss.

Dr. Sorensen started this writing project in 2012, tremendously enjoyed not only the process of writing but his continued connection to the college and faculty. Over the years he returned to each chapter adding further detail but at the time of his death in 2018 at the age of 94 the project was unpublished.

During the 2 most recent years, the MVHM volunteers have organized the many versions into a single document for all at the CVM to further review prior to our decision to publish in a traditional coffee-table book or to publish only a digital version. Please review, suggest the addition of content or improve the accuracy of this document by suggesting a revised text. Click the button to proceed to the google form.

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Hyperlinked to the comment form to describe your suggestions to improve the text of Dr. Sorensen's Reflections on the CVM. We encourage editing to improve the accuracy of the text, expanding the text to include faculty members that have been overlooked, and uploading historical photos.
Peter Poss(L) & Dale Sorensen(R)

Dr. Peter Poss(L) and Dr. Dale Sorensen(R)

Bennett Porter III