Our Purpose and History

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission is to examine dynamic and adaptive responses to animal health, and promote local impact in global narratives.

Our Vision is to foster creative engagement with the past, to inspire and inform future innovation and advancement in the veterinary field.

Our Values are… Curiosity, Collaboration, and Accessibility

Museum Origins

Old anatomy building
In 1901, the University of Minnesota constructed a Veterinary Medicine Building for $25,000 (shown on the right, with chimneys). The Annex building on the left is an addition added in 1915. These buildings were razed in 1992 (Annex) and 2011 (Veterinary Medicine).   

In August, 1985 the president of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Walter Mackey, discussed the possibility of a museum with the Chairman of the MVMA’s Memorial and Historical Committee, Dr. John Arnold.  In September, Dr. Arnold and his committee discussed the idea with the MVMA, the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine, the Minnesota Veterinary Council, and the Minnesota Veterinary Alumni and Friends Society. From December 1985 to February 1986, organizational meetings were held and Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were adopted.

Museum Founders

Wendell DeBoer